About Us - Fifth Sole

The beginning stages of Fifth Sole were developed and inspired in a place where it felt something was once missing.  From this came the passion of business ownership and fashion. From this passion came the fruition of fifth sole; the name itself was inspired by “The Fifth Element”, which is the element of completion, or the finishing touch. When you combine that with “sole” you ultimately find the completion of your SOUL, or passion. Seek out what completes you and makes you feel whole. Find YOUR Fifth Element!

Fifth Sole brand is a representation of  empowerment, versatility, confidence, trendsetting, and separating yourself from the pack. We believe the right shoe or statement piece can change everything, the way we look talk and walk. At fifth sole we pride ourselves on providing quality product, quality service and providing the Fifth Element for all your fashion needs.  We offer chic and sophisticated women's clothing and shoes.